Adobe Experience Manager Training

Empower your team with fully customized AEM training to fit your company's needs.

AEM TrainingExperienced AEM team members are hard to find — which is why iCiDIGITAL has developed our own personal training pipeline, enabling us to build one of the largest AEM teams under one roof in all of North America. This team routinely does work for enterprise brands, including Time Warner Cable, SAS, and Hyatt.

If you’ve been struggling to get your team up to speed, our training program can put the power of AEM experience into your hands.

iCiDIGITAL offers several training options:

  • Site Hand-Off Training: A larger AEM implementation requires your team to receive maintenance training before we hand the site off to you. This training package is customized to your particular site and the skills of your team to help ensure the long-term success of your new AEM implementation.
  • Remote Training: We work with you remotely via Adobe Connect during short workshops to teach your development team or your authors key skills for working in Adobe Experience Manager, sharing best practices from lessons learned by our experienced developers while simultaneously working in the platform.
  • On-Site Developer Mentorship: We send our developers on site where they work side-by-side with your team in a custom engagement to help them become familiar with AEM in general and your specific implementation.

Gain Vendor Independence. Learn how.

AEM TrainingWe’ve seen it before—a company like yours brought in AEM and hired experts to set it up right. Then the experts leave, and they realize their team isn’t equipped with the necessary AEM knowledge to maintain the site.

Sometimes this leads to a never-ending cycle: bringing in a vendor, trying to go it alone, bringing in another vendor, and so on.

But now you can end the cycle.

With our AEM training options, iCiDIGITAL can help educate your development team on AEM 5, 6, or 6.1, or lead a workshop to help your authors learn the basics—giving you more power to make your AEM system work better for you.

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iCiDIGITAL fully supports you with training from seasoned AEM developers and architects. Our team’s proven abilities will educate and motivate your team.

5 AEM Training Benefits For You, Plus One Vital Benefit For Your People -Confidence.

  1. AEM Trainers with years of real-world development and architecture experience.
  2. Initial consultation to listen to and understand your training goals and expectations.
  3. Engagements based on classes, not individual seats, thus lowering your training costs.
  4. Instructor-led classroom training, interactive workshops, and training manual all included.
  5. Adobe AEM / CQ training that is available on-site or remote, via web interface.

Ready to empower your team and shed your dependence on outside vendors? iCiDIGITAL will work hand-in-hand with your team to help your company achieve success.

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