Staff Augmentation

Gain a competitive advantage by hiring specialized talent tailored to your needs.

Are you in need of resources to improve your digital presence?

Benefit from our expertise and experience. We save our clients time and money by providing the right resources, with the right skills, at the right time.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation with iCiDIGITAL include:

AEM experts.
Adobe Experience Manager is a complex system, yet one that can truly upgrade key parts of your enterprise. Using experts not only saves you time on the learning curve, but ensures that your AEM platform is optimized to meet your specific business needs.

WEM experts.
Not utilizing AEM? No problem. Our experts are well versed in multiple Web Experience Management Systems. Our high-level knowledge will maximize your system’s capabilities to match the changing needs of your business and digital consumers.  

Complete coverage.
Our resources cover you from start to finish. And have specific skills to fill the gaps missing on your current team. 

Extensive experience.
When you hire one of our consultants, you get access to their wealth of knowledge from numerous enterprise projects. And because we have a tight network of experts, they continuously share best practices and provide support when needed.  

Cost efficient.
Utilizing our experts allows you to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Sometimes you only need a short-term solution and want to avoid the overhead costs of a permanent hire. Or, you may be looking for a permanent hire but can’t afford to lose momentum on a current project. Either way, we’re here for you.

Fresh outlook.
Bringing in outside talent also breeds a new perspective and an objective opinion. Your project can take on new life with the added dimension of an augmented staffer who can offer creative ideas and possibilities.  

Scalable solutions.
We can provide one expert or a team of professionals to accommodate your workload. Our solutions are flexible and designed to anticipate the ebb and flow of creative projects.

Knowledge transfer.
Experts are hard to come by, and the experience acquired by working with them side-by-side is incredibly valuable. Your staff will benefit from their knowledge and gain insight into best practices along the way.


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