Analytics and Optimization

There’s no point in building something if you can’t measure and optimize it.

analytics-cycle-whiteNo two customers are exactly the same.

And neither are the ways they’ll interact with your digital brand. 

The diversity of devices and marketing channels available today means there are simply too many paths for customers to take from their first touch point to their last.

Analytics lets you track those pathways, design new pathways, measure your success, and ultimately, optimize your customer’s experience.

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Are you generating the right data—data that provides actionable, profitable insights? If not, we can help.

Get Started with Analytics During Implementation

analytics-icon2All too often analytics is an afterthought when redesigning a website or implementing a new platform.

Analytics can minimize risks and provide data-driven insights around the site design or implementation. Without the right data, specific opportunities could be overlooked, limiting what data can be tracked.

By making analytics a part of the discussion during the early stages of a redesign, you open up the possibilities for tracking what’s important instead of just what’s available—ensuring you get better data in the long run.



Already Using AEM? We Can Customize it to Perform for You

analytics-icon1Collecting and analyzing the right data from the right people is the only way to understand exactly what digital experience your customers want (and to gain the ability to give it to them).

Data-driven marketing is the way of the future. Good analytics is a necessity to prove marketing ROI, which means every project marketers undertake should begin and end with a review of existing data.

If you already have AEM but aren’t getting the data you want — or are getting plenty of data, but are having trouble finding actionable insights, we can help.

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Want to improve your customer experiences? Create personalized content, says eConsultancy study.

Untitled-1A recent eConsultancy study asked CEOs what their company’s biggest emphasis to improve customer experience is—33% replied making each experience as personalized and relevant as possible. 

Analytics begins and ends the personalization process. You gather customer data to determine what content to create, which channels will deliver it, and how that content performed. 

When Adobe Experience Manager and the Marketing Cloud are properly aligned, your organization can truly control the personalization of each customer experience.

If analytics are set up and optimized properly, they provide the necessary customer data for greater marketing impact and clear visibility into real-time performance metrics. 

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