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AEM | March 20, 2017

AEM Rockstar

This year at Adobe Summit, a brand new series called “AEM Rockstar” will be introduced at the show. To make it happen, Adobe reached out across the industry, looking for the top tips & tricks from AEM marketers and technologists.  From the many,  many submissions received, two of our experts here at iCiDIGITAL were chosen to become part of the select group of featured experts. You can read about Sagar and Gary below, and then hop over to the Adobe site to learn about their contributions to the series.

Or… stay on our site and get even more insider information from these and other experts.

Grabbit: A Rockstar  Tool for Content Sync in AEM
-Sagar Sane

Suppose you have an enterprise-scale AEM implementation with an author and multiple publishers in production. There is a staging environment mirroring closely to production from an infrastructure point of view, and you might even have development and UAT environments used for development and testing, respectively. The business stakeholders of your AEM implementation prefer that you keep the content synchronized as much as possible between these environments. Generally, you would use tools like Package Manager or vlt rcp to achieve this.

Read the rest of Sagar’s GRABBIT post here on Adobe’s blog or here on our blog. 

Sagar is a Technical Architect at iCiDIGITAL with over five years of professional web development experience. He has 4+ years of experience working with AEM / CQ; primarily focused on server side development and integrations of AEM with other systems. He also works closely with the sales and architecture teams to help out on various efforts – including project estimations / scoping, designing and developing technical implementations for AEM projects, etc. 

AEM Forms: 5 Top Tips and Tricks
-Gary Howell

Forms are a part of nearly every site on the web. From Fortune 100 companies to the pizza place down the street.

There are so many different form solutions you can use on your site, but for many of them you must install a plug-in or go through a complex set-up. However, if you are utilizing an AEM platform, you have the benefits of AEM Forms. Allowing users to easily create, manage and track forms on their site.

Read Gary’s AEM post here on Adobe’s blog or here in our own AEM Forms series. 

Gary is a consultant with over six years of professional web development experience. He possesses a broad balance of customer relations, advising, and continuous learning attitude, with an extensive knowledge of front end design and server side coding. His primary focus is in Adobe CQ, Java, responsive design, mobile, and iPad development. 

Congratulations to our two AEM Rockstars!






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