Brand, Content, and Messaging

Getting your message heard above the sea of market noise is no easy task. Add to that, the need to build and leverage a multi-channel communication strategy, and even the savviest of marketers can be left behind.

Investing in a holistic communications approach that’s guided by experts ensures a powerful, cohesive, and most of all, effective way of converting your customers.

iCiDIGITAL has helped companies like Hyatt, GE, and Dodge improve their site content and messaging strategies.

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Did you know that 80% of CEOs believe they're delivering a superior customer experience... and only 8% of their customers agree?


BrandYour brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. Is it what you want to hear?

A brand is a positive and honest conversation, not a logo. What’s critical is to have a keen sense of how your brand wants to sound, what it wants to say, and with whom it’s talking to before uttering the very first word.

Develop your brand strategy.

  • Discovery of brand and business goals
  • Customer perceptions and needs
  • Competitor strategy review
  • Current brand strategy audit
  • Marketplace opportunity
  • Opportunity gap
  • Recommendations for messaging, visual identity, and content strategy
  • Action plan

Maintain essential pieces to brand identity.

  • Logos / avatars
  • Icon systems
  • Color & typography
  • Supporting design elements
  • Brand voice & style guide
  • Multi-channel usage output


brandCustomers expect to be wowed. To do this, your content must anticipate their needs, give them something useful, and make you stand apart from your competition.

Good content is measured in its ability to inspire, interact, and influence your customers.

Define your content strategy.

  • Brand and business goals
  • Customer perceptions and needs
  • Competitor content strategy review
  • Current content strategy audit
  • Competitor content analysis
  • Opportunity gap
  • Recommendations: content plan, social content plan, email content plan, content platform plan


BrandA business should tell a story, and how well that story is communicated to customers can be the difference between success and failure.

Successful messaging consists of making a direct, emotional connection to your customers through effective story telling, causing your audience to engage and react.

Create your messaging strategy.

  • Marketing and business goals
  • Target customer segments and needs defined
  • Competitor messaging review & analysis
  • Current messaging audit
  • Opportunity gap
  • Recommendations

Maintain core messaging elements.

  • Taglines
  • Product naming
  • Product / service copywriting
  • Brand messaging guide
  • Messaging platform plan


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