Design & User Experience

Good design just works.

Profitable Audience Engagement is Both Art and Science

Design & User ExperienceNo matter how powerful your technology platform, or enticing your business offerings, your site’s UX and UI need to deliver great experiences every time. You can lose a lifetime customer, and the revenues that go with them, from just one frustrating interaction.

iCiDIGITAL designs and architects intuitive, user-centered web sites for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and other platforms that provide author efficiency, deliver great customer experience, and move business KPIs.

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The secret to our UX services

  • Business Objectives and Strategy – Examine the big picture and how it factors into your objectives and integrate creative opportunities to maximize return on investment.
  • User Research– Engineer ideal user paths to put the right information in front of the right customer every time.
  • Information Architecture (User flows, Wireframes, and Prototypes) – Study your audience to effectively plan, design, and build marketing strategies, interactive experiences, and enterprise platform solutions.
  • Usability Testing Test every solution with actual users to reveal frictions, preferences, and optimum interaction points so they move through your site efficiently, and effectively reach conversion.
  • Content Analysis and Strategy– Combine analytics with our knowledge of your goals and audience to organize, design, and display the most engaging content.
  • Conversion Optimization– Post-launch, we regularly measure and analyze results to identify strategies that will increase the number of successful conversions.

The how and why of our UI services

  • Discover – Develop creative insights and ideas that solve challenges and ensure positive user experiences for internal and external users.
  • Design – Collaboratively ideate and execute award-winning user interface designs that inspire and engage users, helping them get work done while creatively elevating the brand.
  • Deliver – Application and follow through of UI to every page, test, and launch, listen to results, and perform ongoing optimization to improve the site design so that it drives business goals.
  • Train and Educate – After launch, we continue to educate and train marketing and IT stakeholders to plan and manage their own maintenance, upgrades, and new campaigns for their website and its branded interface.


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Putting the Customer First: User Centered Design

User Centered Design begins by thoroughly defining the user’s perspective and builds the system to match those needs. The results are web properties that offer a more efficient, satisfying, and consistent experience for the user, which many times increases conversion and cusomer loyalty.