Design and User Experience

Good websites meet needs. Great websites exceed expectations.

Connect Your Technologies and Offerings with Customer Expectations.

iCiDIGITAL designs and architects intuitive, user-centered web sites for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that maximize customer service and engagement to move business KPIs

Our user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) experts approach every engagement as a challenge to establish the strongest connection possible between your business goals, your web site and the people who use it, no matter how varied your audience. To solve for this challenge, iCiDIGITAL’s experienced teams employ a proven process that establishes a deep understanding of the goal, the user and their needs.

How we do it:Design and User Experience

Business Objectives and Strategy – Examining the big picture and how it factors into your project objectives, always looking for technology and creative opportunities to maximize your return on investment.

User Research– Engineering the ideal user paths that put the right information in front of the right customer every time.

Information Architecture (User flows, Wireframes and Prototypes)– Studying your audience to effectively plan, design and build marketing strategies, interactive experiences and enterprise platform solutions.

Usability Testing– Every solution is first tested with actual users to reveal frictions, preferences and optimum interactivity so they get their business done quickly and easily.

Content Analysis and Strategy– Applying our knowledge of your goals and audience to organize, design and optimally display your content so nothing is overlooked.

Conversion Optimization–  Even after launch, we regularly measure results and look for strategies to increase successful conversions for every user.

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What’s the measure of a great website? Exceeding user expectations and business goals.

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