Web Design (UX/UI)

Design by committee doesn’t work.

usertestingAt enterprise organizations multiple decisions makers often need to reach agreement before a site can launch—and inevitably, each one has his or her own opinions about what looks best.

Fortunately, data-driven design can help create a consensus.

User centered design (UCD) is focused on helping site visitors achieve key tasks quickly and intuitively, based on actual data collected during user testing. Whether you’re working on a complete redesign or simply looking for small changes that can make a big impact, iCiDIGITAL can help.

Design & User Experience

userUXiCiDIGITAL offers a full spectrum of web design services, from a web design assessment to a complete site re-design based on User Centered Design principles.

UX Heuristic Review: Our user experience (UX) experts provide recommendations for improving user experience after a comprehensive review comparing your site to our list of 75 key design metrics.

Usability Testing: We recruit users and conduct user tests to identify opportunities for improved user experiences. Using the data collected, we offer prioritized recommendations to help improve site performance (from a user standpoint) and usability.

UX/UI Refresh: Our digital strategy team engages in makeover of an existing site with only moderate changes to user experience; design work may include the redesign of a few areas or components within the site.

New UX/UI Redesign: We lead a complete user centered design process, completely redesigning your user interface and experience. This process includes usability testing of the existing site, wireframes for a new design, and final designs and is available as a complement to a new content management (CMS) implementation or as a stand-alone service.

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