Don’t Just Survive … Thrive on Adobe Marketing Cloud

Digital Marketing | February 5, 2018

As Vice President of Digital Engagement at iCiDIGITAL, I’ve had the privilege to partner with dozens of enterprise companies on their Adobe Marketing Cloud initiatives.

What Does it Take for a Successful Launch?

The enterprises successful with launching a digital experience platform (DXP) like Adobe Marketing Cloud recognize that they must spend time and money to correctly launch the platform and to invest in the evolution of the platform so that marketers can reach their full potential in delivering the best customer experience (CX) possible. For the organizations that succeed, their approach can be characterized like this:

  • Pursuing an agile-oriented product development framework with rolling deployments
  • Prioritizing needs across the portfolio of digital products based on big vision for CX
  • Centralized approach to platform governance with central body setting standards
  • Consolidation of requests across enterprise to refine requirements and recognize overlap
  • Dedicated development team with appropriate mix of skill sets
  • Clear process for communicating progress to groups submitted support requests

Where Do Organizations Fall Short in a DXP Launch?

The enterprises that struggle are the ones that starve the platform of resources to the point that daily life for marketers becomes mere survival. I see commonalities in their approach to managing the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform. They can often be characterized as follows:

  • Reactive versus proactive approach to managing platform
  • Keeping lights on with one or two jack of all trades supporting enterprise
  • Growing deficit in backlog for business and IT support requests
  • Decision making in silos leads to inefficient and duplicate effort across enterprise
  • Project-based approach causes divergence of code base
  • Legitimate dread of the upgrade path

The Reality for Marketing Teams

Marketing isn’t effective for organizations barely surviving on a DXP like Adobe Marketing Cloud. Consistent with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I would submit it is impossible for any marketer to realize self-actualization while concerned about basic needs like platform security and stability. If you find yourself in a situation in which you are barely surviving on Adobe, there is hope. There is a path to a better platform and a better process for management and evolution.

Reach out and we can provide some guidance.

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Mark Kelley is a member of the Executive Team at iCiDIGITAL. In his role as VP of Digital Engagement, he helps enterprise clients align marketing and ecommerce technology with business goals. He works with clients like Ingersoll Rand, NASCAR, and Panera.