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Digital Marketing | August 5, 2016

Enterprise websites are complex — so is the process of designing and building them. It requires a modern understanding of web best practices and a deep-seated knowledge of proper architecture and code. In each of the three stories below, iCiDIGITAL helped enterprise organizations who were struggling with an element of this process to successfully achieve their goals in a way that was both more efficient and more effective than they may have been able to achieve on their own.

In all three of case studies below, iCiDIGITAL’s unique blend of current-day best practices and deep experience helped us to ensure our client’s success. Yet in each the problem was different, and required us to adapt our skill set to properly match the client’s needs. We continue to tackle new challenges, create stronger relationships and learn from each experience.

Putting the Customer First: User Centered Design

In the first, our User Centered Design case study, we helped a 130 year-old organization with numerous member publications create a consistent feel and interface for their users from site to site, and helping them reduce user frustration and increase conversions. Our expertise in simultaneously designing and iterating according to user feedback was an incredible asset to this project.

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Build a Trusting Relationship with your Implementation Partner

In the second, a case study looking at a key Telecommunications client, we stepped in to provide additional experience AEM developers who could supplement the clients existing team on an as-needed basis. This helped them consolidate many different sites into one primary site that allows for geo-targeting content and integrating literally thousands of assets per day. We also helped them throughout the process of upgrading their AEM instance to 6.1.

Download Build a Trusting Relationship with your Implementation Partner




Leveraging AEM for the Enterprise

Finally, in our third case study, we worked with manufacturing power-house Ingersoll Rand to really help them implement AEM in a cost-effective way, creating templates and components that were flexible enough for reuse across sites and across brands. This allows the business to invest once, and every brand throughout the company to benefit.




Kari Mayhew is the Marketing Manager for iCiDIGITAL, and has contributed engaging and educational ideas to a variety of enterprises, both on and off-line, for well over a decade. She can also be found experimenting in the kitchen, running on dirt trails and cheering for favorite teams.