Getting Serious with Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Blog | August 25, 2018

Adobe AEM Assets fits into the Adobe Marketing Cloud as both an integrated Adobe solution as well as a stand-alone DAM giving you the best of both worlds. AEM Assets has moved beyond just an integrated web DAM into a full-blown Digital Asset Management platform and Forrester is paying attention. Large brands are now dealing with a content explosion beyond their current capabilities.

Forrester’s Recognition

For Digital Asset Management, Forrester focuses on 3 major findings: ability to scale, cross-channel reuse capability, and over technical flexibility for omnichannel delivery. Their scoring methods have also moved beyond just the life cycle for rich media assets. They now include workflow management, team management, and deeper 3rd party integrations. The original point-solutions are beginning to trail the pack.

Why it Matters

The enterprise DAM platform selection has become an important decision. Digital strategies must now encompass the larger ecosystem of platforms. Ability to integrate, seamless workflows, and shareable datasets reliance are no longer the future needs; they are the present. Building optimal customer experiences at scale brings DAM to the forefront of the conversation around rich media.

As DAM needs become important and pervasive across marketing, software vendors pursue integrations. They also build their own native functionality. This growth is not only leading to more capabilities and convergence but more overlap and complexity too. The resulting landscape is challenging for marketers to maneuver.

The Forrester Wave DAM for Customer Experience is a must-read for marketing and IT leadership who are actively building their digital roadmap and pairing solutions to meet their enterprise needs.

Download the Forrester Wave Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Customer Experience Report HERE.

Mark Kelley is a member of the Executive Team at iCiDIGITAL. In his role as VP of Digital Engagement, he helps enterprise clients align marketing and ecommerce technology with business goals. He works with clients like Ingersoll Rand, NASCAR, and Panera.