Greg Boone: North Carolina’s Tech Executive of the Year

Blog | September 18, 2018

TechGreg Boone, as President & CEO of iCiDIGITAL, has been selected as winner of the prestigious NCTech award ‘Tech Executive of the Year.’ This is a statewide technology awards program, recognizing companies and individuals who have characterized excellence, innovation, and leadership. Greg was chosen out of a very competitive group of nominees this year.

Congratulations to Greg!

TechGreg Boone, as President & CEO of iCiDIGITAL, provides strategic direction at definitive junctures and strong leadership to surpass significant milestones. He uses insightful thinking, digital expertise, unflappable initiative, and at times, witty relief that drives iCiDIGITAL to be a nationally recognized leader in digital transformation.

A native of Durham, he graduated from NC A&T State University with a degree in Computer Science, and later from the NC State Poole College of Management Executive Education. Greg’s expertise and initiative were quickly rewarded as he grew from an Applications Engineer at I-Cubed in 2010 to a Senior Executive just 2 years later. In 2014, he was an integral part of the successful exit of I-Cubed that led to a victorious launch of the new iCiDIGITAL brand. Since its inception, Greg has led iCiDIGITAL to achieve over 2400% growth in revenue.

Greg continues to increase iCiDIGITAL’s North Carolina customer base, creating a global impact of outstanding digital experiences for their customers around the world. Over the past 6 years brands like SAS, Food Lion, NASCAR, Time Warner Cable, AICPA, Ingersoll Rand, Club Car, and Bose Audio have trusted Greg and his team with their digital initiatives.

Greg has shaped iCiDIGITAL into an industry top-tier digital experience agency that provides measurable, long-term value to leading and aspiring B2B & B2C brands through strategy, design, development, and marketing services. In 2017, Beringer Capital took notice and acquired iCiDIGITAL to become part of their exclusive digital network.

Greg’s philosophy for success is “you don’t build a business, you build people, and then people build the business.” Under Greg’s leadership, iCiDIGITAL is growing the next generation of leaders in North Carolina through an internal training course that gives his employees the tools to both meet the demands of their current role and aspirations of future success. Over 80% of his employees come from NC based universities and colleges.

Outside of iCiDIGITAL, Greg serves as a mentor to young entrepreneurs in NC. He lends his voice to the NC State Business Essentials course, bringing real-world advice to the classroom. Greg is a leader among his peers and regularly mentors senior executives on leadership, growth, and technology.


Emily Douglas is the Marketing Coordinator for iCiDIGITAL, bringing a fresh & new perspective on different marketing techniques. Emily is constantly working to improve and expand knowledge in the business field. Expertise in social media marketing, CX marketing, and B2B enterprise communications. She can also be found reading a good book, binging Netflix shows, or cooking in the kitchen.