Case Study

Rebuilding the CMS to Optimize Customer Experience

While Panera had a basic understanding of AEM, they needed an expert team who could rebuild and customize their system to fully support business goals and deliver an outstanding user experience. We assessed Panera’s current system and discovered it was not following best practices for AEM or responsive design, nor was it reusable for Panera’s omni-channel vision.

This grueling implementation was not reusable for Panera’s omni-channel vision. Using our extensive knowledge of AEM best practices, we developed a detailed and comprehensive strategy to rebuild a system that Panera could use to successfully drive their digital strategy.

In this Case Study, you will:

  1. Understand the unique value that iCiDIGITAL brings as a strategic partner
  2. Learn how to create a consistent end-user experience
  3. Realize the benefits of developing a strong and trusting partnership
  4. Mitigate the implementation challenges of an enterprise organization


Implemented Strategies